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B2B CONSULTING is a consultancy company for business consulting, financial management, consulting and assistance in developing business and investment plans, consulting and assistance in obtaining EU grants, as well as basic accounting services with a focus on clients from Croatia and abroad operating in the German-speaking area, and German-speaking clients operating in Croatia and the Southeast of Europe.

B2B Consulting is a service company specializing in high quality customer service as an outsource partner in all sectors.

Today’s market opportunities do not allow one to be content with the current state and enjoy old glory. You need to continually improve your business to achieve and maintain a competitive edge. B2B CONSULTING can help you with your services and solutions.


Our goals

Our vision is constant GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT

Our mission is YOUR SUCCESS


B2B Consulting
B2B Consulting is a service company specializing in high quality customer service as an outsource partner in all sectors.

Our services

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Business consulting
-definition of business strategy and strategic planning
-organization of business and business processes
-risk management
-advertising and marketing-restructuring
-management of human resources
Financial consulting

-designing feasibility studies
-counseling regarding corporate finance
-value assesment
-reviewing the business from a financial point of view

Developing and supporting the development of business, financial and investment plans
Consulting and assistance in developing plans for the use of EU funds grants
Obtaining the tax code number for foreign entrepreneurs who are not domiciled in Croatia
Basic accounting services and preparation of basic financial statements

-statistical and financial calculations and reports
-cost-benefit analysis
-basic financial reports

The Education of your employees

B2B CONSULTING, Business Services Company, Owner Zvonimir Andrić

Ulica Stanka Vraza 16, HR-10290 Zaprešić

+385 91 444 5012

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B2b consulting

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